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Battleborn isn’t going free to play anytime soon

It is no secret that Battleborn is in a tough position right now, with very few players still logging in to play the game regularly. This has led to speculation about the game going free to play and while reports this week claimed that it would very soon, it looks like that isn't the plan as Gearbox head, Randy Pitchford, spoke out against the rumours.

The initial report came from Kotaku, citing its own sources close to Gearbox's plans for Battleborn. However, hours after publishing, Randy Pitchford took to Twitter to say that: “Battleborn going F2P is false, there are no plans to convert Battleborn free to play”.


However, Battleborn will be getting a free ‘trial version' in an effort to get people to at least give the game a shot before buying: “We have some unannounced plans to do a trial version of the game that would be free and from which retail can be purchased along with DLC. Free trial plans are not firm yet – months away. Expect great continued support and awesome line-up of DLC.”

He then reiterated that this trial version is “months away at best”, so don't expect it any time soon. There's nothing else known about the trial at this time or what it will include, though it won't be a timed demo. It could potentially be level-capped similarly to how Blizzard handles WoW, allowing players to hit level 20 before buying the game or a subscription. However, we don't have any official details right now.

KitGuru Says: Battleborn isn't a bad game, but Gearbox made the mistake of pitting it against Overwatch, which clearly backfired. Would you guys try Battleborn out if there were a free trial version? Do you think the game should go completely free to play?


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