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Battlefield 5 lands in October, will do away with the ‘premium pass’

Rather than waiting until E3 in a few weeks time, EA decided to hold its own separate Battlefield 5 reveal event last night. While the event lacked in terms of gameplay footage, we did get a decent amount of information. For starters, Battlefield 5 now has a release date, and we know that there will no longer be a ‘premium pass' for future multiplayer content.

As expected, Battlefield 5 takes place during World War II. However, like Battlefield 1, DICE is aiming for another ‘reimagining' of events. There will be a single-player campaign once again, and all future multiplayer maps will be free for all players. This is something that we saw DICE begin to experiment with in Battlefield 1, eventually putting premium DLC maps on a rotating schedule for non season-pass owners. You can watch the reveal trailer for Battlefield 5 below:

One other interesting point touched upon in the reveal last night was the inclusion of co-op. There will be a mode called ‘Combined Arms', which will put up to four players up against waves of bots in a “wide variety of missions”.

Finally, EA has also confirmed that Battlefield 5 will not contain any loot boxes, which was a real concern following on from Battlefront II. Instead of a season pass, or loot boxes, EA will rely on cosmetic skins. These will be obtainable via the usual microtransactions, or with in-game currency earned through playing matches.

Battlefield 5 launches worldwide on the 19th of October. There will be an open beta before then, and members of EA/Origin Access will be able to play a few days early.

KitGuru Says: There are currently over 100K dislikes on the reveal trailer, so it would seem that a chunk of fans aren't too impressed with the reveal. I'm hoping to see more proper gameplay later on at E3 though. From what I've heard, there are quite a few big changes that just weren't shown off properly. 

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