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Battlefield V’s battle royale mode ‘Firestorm’ announced

It was rumoured some time ago that both Call of Duty and Battlefield V would house their own ‘Battle Royale' modes this year. We already have a good amount of information on Call of Duty: Blackout, and now DICE has followed suit with details of ‘Firestorm', Battlefield's own take on the popular game mode.

Battle Royale is impossible to get away from at the moment. Over the last year, gaming has been dominated by PUBG and Fortnite, so it was only a matter of time before Triple A studios started diving in. In Battlefield V, there will be a mode called ‘Firestorm', this will pit 64 players against each other on the biggest map that the series has seen so far.

Like most modes in Battlefield, Firestorm will take a squad-based approach. There will be 64 players in total on the map, which is divided into 16 four-player teams. Battlefield's signature destruction mechanics will be out in full force, allowing players to tear down buildings and find many fan-favourite vehicles.

Unfortunately we don't know how ‘zoning' will work in Firestorm. Most Battle Royale titles use this mechanic to shrink the available map space every few minutes to keep players moving and engaged in the fight. Hopefully we'll learn more on that soon.

KitGuru Says: Battlefield has always specialised in large-scale battles with lots of players on one map. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see if DICE has any other tricks up its sleeve to really differentiate its take on Battle Royale.

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