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Bethesda announces Deathloop release date with new trailer

Earlier this week, the PS5 store tipped that Bethesda's Deathloop would be releasing in May. Since then, Bethesda has confirmed the new release date, while also releasing a new trailer for the game. 

The new ‘official launch date' reveal trailer has been released, giving a brief rundown of what to expect from the game:

Deathloop is coming to PS5 and PC on the 21st of May. This follows on from the game's delay earlier this year, which pushed its release out of 2020.

Deathloop takes place in ‘Blackreef' and players will be filling the shoes of Colt, an assassin trapped in a timeloop and hunted down by rival assassins. Since Microsoft now owns Bethesda, the game will eventually make its way to Xbox systems, but at launch, it will be a PS5 console exclusive.

KitGuru Says: Arkane Studios is trying something very experimental with this game, so it will be interesting to see if it all pays off when the game officially lands. Are many of you looking forward to Deathloop? 

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