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Bethesda is aware of Deathloop PC performance issues, patch incoming

Deathloop launched this week to surprisingly high review scores from critics. Unfortunately, the PC version of the game is suffering from some performance problems, something that Bethesda and Arkane are looking to address as soon as possible.

Taking a look at the Deathloop Steam store page immediately reveals that something is up. Overall user reviews are “mixed”, with many citing performance issues as the root cause. Many have experienced stuttering while playing the game on PC, something that is being attributed to the inclusion of Denuvo DRM.

On Reddit, a Bethesda spokesperson gave a statement to the community, saying that the team is “aware” of reports of poor PC performance, and promising a patch:

“Hey all, I'm one of the DEATHLOOP Community Managers, and while those burgers do look great, regarding performance we are aware of reports that some PC users are experiencing stuttering issues in DEATHLOOP. We're actively investigating the issue right now as a priority, and will update you with more specific information as soon as possible.”

This wouldn't be the first time that a game with Denuvo has launched to reports of poor performance on PC. Just a few months ago, Resident Evil Village faced the same complaints of stuttering. Denuvo has not been proven as the main cause behind stuttering in Deathloop, but hopefully the developers can get a patch rolling out in the coming days.

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KitGuru Says: For what it's worth, I have yet to notice performance issues with Deathloop on my system with a Core i7-8700K and a GTX 1080 Ti. With that said, a lot of others are, which is something to keep in mind if you're considering picking the game up.

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