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Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition finally releases this week

Ubisoft announced plans to re-release Beyond Good & Evil again with a new 20th Anniversary Edition that includes some hints at what's to come in the long awaited sequel, Beyond Good & Evil 2. Now after much waiting for a release date announcement, Ubisoft has finally confirmed that the new remaster will finally drop this week. 

Beyond Good & Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition is launching on the 25th of June. The original game released in November 2003, so Ubisoft had just a few months left to get this remaster out without having to rename it. A 21st Anniversary Edition doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well. Below you can find the launch trailer, giving a little peek at what fans can expect from this new version of the game.

This is not a remake, so the game still looks like an early 3D adventure game, rather than a modern graphics showpiece. However, the cartoony art style can hide a lot of flaws and do look crisper at higher resolutions. This remaster will run at 4K/60FPS on current-gen consoles, while PC players will be able to push resolutions and frame rates as high as their hardware will allow.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in development at Ubisoft but it has faced multiple setbacks since its announcement in 2017. For some reason, the game is still available for pre-order for Xbox One and PS4 consoles through retailers like Amazon, despite the fact that the game is almost assuredly not going to release on those platforms at this point. The new remaster for the original game includes a newly implemented ‘narrative link' between the first game and its upcoming sequel, so hopefully that is a sign that the plan for Beyond Good & Evil 2 is now set in stone.

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