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BioWare details loot and mechanic changes for Anthem reboot

As we all know, BioWare is still in the process of reworking Anthem in an effort to save the game. This extensive ‘reboot' is taking quite some time but we are starting to see some small fruits of that labour, with a new update arriving late last week. 

In an updated post, BioWare thanks fans for their patience while they continue to work on the new version of Anthem and slowly work out how to reveal details. The post then goes on to detail new changes to loot drops and the character upgrade experience, one of the biggest issues with the original game.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

“A good player experience depends on the loot system being extensible and robust, and a lot can go wrong. A lot did go wrong. We fell short here and we realized that building something new from the ground up was going to be required – starting with taking a long look and understanding the best in class of the many great games that inspire us. Based on this research, along with your thoughts and feedback, we planned some high-level goals and changes we wanted to try:

  • Respect Your Time
    • Increase the frequency of Loot Drops
    • Loot is viable more often; All items are better and more competitive, but there’s still a chance of getting something exceptional
    • All loot rarities have strategic value throughout progression
  • Embrace Choice
    • You can pursue specific loot without relying on randomness alone; Quests; Specialised Vendors; Unique Loot Tables
    • Modify your loot, including re-rolling inscriptions and levelling up items”

Other changes include making loot more accessible and easy to equip, making new loot more exciting, the introduction of rare enemies that you can hunt down for additional gear and new level scaling to ensure power cap and loot scales properly.

Other areas being explored include improvements to the actual gunplay to better differentiate weapons and make them more responsive. That's all the information we have for now, but BioWare seems to be making solid progress on revamping Anthem's gameplay.

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KitGuru Says: Anthem's gameplay changes seem to be coming along nicely, hopefully there are content changes too, but we likely won't hear about that for another few months. 


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