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Bioware releases Mass Effect 4 teaser images

Mass Effect was hugely popular and probably one of the best RPG franchises to come out of this generation, so it's no surprise that the universe will carry over to the next generation too. Maybe you didn't like Mass Effect 3's ending specifically or maybe Shepard's story wasn't wrapped up the way you had hoped but you can't deny that the series made you really connect with the crew of supporting characters.

On the 7th of November Bioware tried to create national N7 day and released a video featuring the voices of Sheppard and ‘Fem Shep' saying thank you for the support through the series and to all the fans for investing their time in the game:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOaC7WzlfKc']

The developers then followed up with some tweets containing images of them actively working on the next installment for the franchise. Don't get too excited though, it doesn't really reveal much other than the fact that they are in fact working on it.

Concept Art

On a retrospective blog post that sees the dev team reminisce over their experience creating the original trilogy we are left with this message:

“Though that party in Citadel may mark the end of Shepard’s story, it’s far from the end of Mass Effect. As the fourth title in the ME universe begins its development, the team is carrying forward all the things that made the Shepard’s trilogy so memorable.”

“It’s the idea of exploring a vast universe: going out and seeing amazing new things. It’s scale: seeing new planets, new species, and having choices that matter. Because it’s a story, and one that you care about,” Hudson says. “It’s going to continue on, and the things people love about Mass Effect they’ll see even better in the next generation of games.”

We won't be seeing a return to Shepard's time-line and we are moving on to an all new cast of characters but I'm sure they will be just as memorable as the last.

Kitguru Says: The Mass Effect trilogy was awesome, I felt like during my playthrough I had stayed so true to the choices I would make as Sheppard that playing it again would ruin it. Mass Effect really gave you an opportunity to play out your own story with your own choices, mistakes and consequences and I think as long as that carries over to future games then fans will keep coming back for more. What did you guys think of the original trilogy? Are you excited for the next? 

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