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Blizzard doesn’t expect WoW’s subscriber count to grow again

Is it all down hill from here for World of Warcraft? Possibly, well at least as far as the subscriber count is concerned as the MMO’s lead designer, Tom Chilton, has said that Blizzard doesn’t necessarily expect the game to grow again.

In an interview with MCV, Chilton said: “We really don’t know if it will grow again.” Obviously, this doesn’t mean that the company is losing any interest in developing for the game, after all, there are still millions of World of Warcraft subscribers left.

Chilton continued by saying “It is possible, but I wouldn’t say it’s something that we expect. Our goal is to make the most compelling content we can.”


By building expansions, you are effectively building up barriers to people coming back. But by including the level 90 character with this expansion, it gives people the opportunity to jump right into the new content.”

World of Warcraft has been around for a decade and had a peak subscriber count of 12 million. However, things are finally starting to settle down for the MMO, 800,000 subscribers have left in the last few months and while there are still plenty left, it might be time for Blizzard to consider working on World of Warcraft 2.

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KitGuru Says: I never really got in to World of Warcraft, I guess I’m just not much of an MMO person. However, a lot of people still love the game. Do any of you guys still play WoW? If not, how long did you play before giving it up?

Source: MCV

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