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Brian Fargo shows off new Wasteland 3 trailer and talks up new improvements ahead of release

Brian Fargo, studio head at InXile, appeared at XO19 last night, closing out the string of announcements with new details on Wasteland 3, a new trailer and a release date. Wasteland 3 was initially crowd funded, so budget was limited but now with Microsoft acquiring the studio, InXile has been able to put more time into fully voiced dialogue, visual upgrades, the soundtrack and more. 

As Fargo says, Wasteland 3 will feature a huge amount of fully voiced dialogue. The studio has gone on to hire extra help, so visuals have received an upgrade and InXile was able to bring on another composer to help craft the soundtrack. You can get a good look at the game in the new trailer below:

Wasteland 3 is a standalone entry in the series, so you don't need to have played the first two games to jump in. The game will also have a change of scenery, moving on from desert landscapes to the snowy valleys of Colorado. Story-wise, you will still take on the role of a desert ranger, with the primary objective of tracking down one of your lost companions.

Co-op gameplay is supported, so you can make the journey with a group of friends controlling other party members, or you can play entirely solo like the older games. Combat is also turn-based, so you can take the time to properly organise your party and come up with a strategy.

Wasteland 3 is coming out on the 19th of May and will be available on Game Pass for Xbox and PC on day-one. Since the game was crowdfunded and in development prior to InXile joining Microsoft, the game is still releasing on PS4, Steam, GOG, macOS and Linux.

KitGuru Says: It was certainly surprising to see XO19 close out with a CRPG, particularly as the genre tends to be more niche. Still, this should act as a big vote of confidence from Microsoft and with Game Pass availability, there will likely be a good number of players trying it, even if it isn't usually the sort of game they would buy. Are you looking forward to Wasteland 3? What do you think of the new trailer? 

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