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Bugsnax will come to Steam next year

Back in November, Bugsnax officially released exclusively on PlayStation consoles and the Epic Games Store for the PC version. Now, nine months later, the game has been announced for Steam as well. 

Like many Epic Games Store exclusives, Bugsnax is finally making its way over to Steam after a timed exclusivity period. The developers, YH Games, announced the Steam version last night, adding that the game will be available on both Windows and Mac systems.

Unfortunately, the Steam version won't be available for a while longer, with the store page just showing a 2022 release date for now. This does mean that the game will remain an Epic Games Store exclusive for a little longer than usual, with most titles usually making their way over to Steam almost immediately after the one-year window closes.

Bugsnax is a colourful adventure game set on Snaktooth Island, home to half-bug half-snack creatures. Players will explore to discover and catch 100 different species of Bugsnax, while also unravelling the mysteries of the island.

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KitGuru Says: This game had some buzz around it during the PS5 launch period. It'll be interesting to see the reception to the Steam version next year. 

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