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Bungie reveals what will be playable in Destiny 2 beta, preloads now live

The Destiny 2 beta is launching next week for consoles and next month for PC, so what can we look forward to content-wise? Today, Bungie has unveiled the content available in the Destiny 2 beta, which will give players a taste of the story, PvP and a strike. Those of you planning to play as soon as possible can also begin preloading on console, ahead of the beta launch next week.

Essentially, everything that has been playable at preview events so far, will be playable in the beta. This includes the game’s opening story mission, which will see you take on the Cabal as they invade the tower. The Inverted Spire strike will be playable as will two PvP modes- Countdown and Control.

Matchmaking will be switched on for the beta, so if you are a solo player, you will be able to a team for the strike and crucible matches. Finally, players will also be able to check out the new home base for the Guardians, known as ‘The Farm’, though the social space will only be open for one hour on the 23rd of July at 6PM UK time. This is simply so that Bungie can stress test how many players the space can hold at once.

The new character subclasses will be playable, including Dawnblade Warlock, Sentinel Titan and Arcstrider Hunter. Progress made in the beta will not carry over to the final game, though participants will get a special emblem of taking part.

PS4 owners will get beta access from the 18th of July until the 20th. Xbox One owners get access from the 19th to the 20th. If you are planning on playing the beta on Xbox One or PS4, then you can already preload the beta ahead of time. The download is 12.8GB on Xbox One and 15GB on PS4.

Those of us on PC will need to wait until August to get access to the beta. An exact date has yet to be nailed down but you can link your Bungie and Blizzard accounts now in preparation for Destiny 2 on PC.

KitGuru Says: We don’t have to wait very long to get our first taste of Destiny 2. I’m not expecting the game to feel too different from Destiny 1 based on the content we will actually have access to in the beta. However, I do hope Bungie surprises us with the final game when it comes to additional quests, strikes and story missions.

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