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Bungie’s first live Destiny 2 event has Guardians watching The Almighty explode

Bungie decided to end this season of Destiny 2 with a bang, setting up a big live event that players had to gather at The Tower for. The event just came to an end after a very lengthy wait, bringing The Almighty crashing down onto Earth's surface. 

The Almighty was on a collision course with The Last City, meaning guardians needed to seek help from Rasputin to stop it before humanity gets wiped out. That help came in the form of Rasputin, which launched a series of lasers/missiles at The Almighty to blow it up.

You can see screenshots from during the event above. The projectiles started inching closer towards The Almighty at around 6:15PM BST, it then took another 75 minutes for the ship to start fully detonating and then crashing towards Earth, narrowly missing The Tower on its way down.

This was the final step in Bungie's teasers for the next big Destiny 2 stream on June 9th. On that day, it is widely expected that the next major expansion will be announced.

KitGuru Says: As cool as it was to be involved and see so many players actually using the in-game text chat for a change, it did not need to be an hour and a half long. Still, it is great to see Bungie pull something like this off and should be a sign of things to come for future key story moments during seasons. 

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