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CD Projekt Red quickly usher out Witcher patch 1.11

The Witcher: Wild Hunt's first expansion arrived last week alongside the huge 1.10 patch. Now, a short while later, CD Projekt Red has ushered out another patch in its continuous efforts to ensure that The Witcher 3 is the best game it can possibly be with as few bugs as possible for an open world title. This new patch will tackle one of the infamous quests on Skellige.

The Most Wanted quest on Skellige had a bug that could hinder people from completing it but this should now be fixed. The patch notes also contain a number of other quest fixes which you can view, HERE. 


The patch is already out on the PC but since this isn't one or the larger patches, it sits at just over 900MB in size. This patch also fixes a rare issue with the New Game Plus mode, which meant that some of the higher level items ended up with a level 70 requirement to use… which is pretty high, especially considering the pacing of the levelling throughout the game.

A few bugs have also been fixed in the latest Hearts of Stone expansion- which is excellent and well worth playing by the way. I spent quite a while completing it last weekend.

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KitGuru Says: It might seem like The Witcher 3 has had an awful lot of patches but it is important to note that Skyrim had quite a few as well. Open world games are massive these days so finding and squashing everything can take quite a bit of time. Have any of you played the new Witcher expansion yet? The story is definitely worth it in my opinion. 

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