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Control gets huge ‘Expeditions’ update, story expansions coming in 2020

Control from Remedy Entertainment has been one of the highest rated games to release this year, but the journey isn’t over yet. Last night during The Game Awards, Remedy announced a free new game mode rolling out today, as well as the game’s first story expansion, which is coming in March 2020. 

The new game mode, which is available across PC, Xbox One and PS4 already, is known as ‘Expeditions’. These are like combat challenge missions designed to be played after completing the main campaign. Each expedition has players clearing four areas of enemies in a 25-minute timed trial. Each one has three difficulty tiers too, so players can really push the combat system and test their skills.

Control is also getting two story expansions in 2020. The first is called ‘The Foundation’ and will be out on the 26th of March 2020. The second expansion is called AWE and may end up crossing over with Alan Wake somehow. The second expansion is due in mid-2020, so roughly three to four months after the first one drops.

Both expansions will be set in new locations in the Oldest House and introduce new gameplay elements, so it should shake things up nicely for veteran players.

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KitGuru Says: Control is an excellent game, so I hope that more people give it a go as we lead up to these new story expansions. Have many of you played Control since it came out? Will you be jumping back in when the expansions arrive?

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