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Crytek shows off ray-tracing on consoles in Crysis Remastered

A few weeks ago when Crysis Remastered resurfaced, Crytek announced a number of impressive upgrades for the new version of the game, the biggest of which is a software-based ray-tracing solution that can run on non-RTX GPUs and consoles. 

Crytek has shown off its software-based ray-tracing method before in demos of CryEngine. Now with Crysis Remastered, we'll be seeing it in action for the first time in a full game.

In the video above we get a brief look at what software-based ray-tracing will look like on consoles, with all footage here captured directly from a PS4 Pro. The Xbox One X version of the game will also support this feature.

On the PC side of things, Crytek takes things a step further, with support for both software-based and hardware-accelerated ray-tracing. This means those using an RTX GPU will benefit from higher performance, particularly with DLSS 2.0 also switched on.

KitGuru Says: What do you all think of software-based ray-tracing as seen in Crysis Remastered? Is this something you'll be switching on when you play?

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