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CS:GO’s revamped ‘Trust Factor’ matchmaking system is now live

If you are an avid CS:GO player and have some grievances with the matchmaking system, then you may be in luck as it looks like an overhaul has arrived. Yesterday, Valve pushed out a new matchmaking system known as ‘Trust Factor', replacing Prime Matchmaking, which takes into account more stats about each player.

With Prime Matchmaking, players had to tie their CS:GO account to their mobile phone number. Additionally, players had to reach level 21 before they could enter Prime competitive games. Valve now sees these restraints as prohibitive, so it is being replaced.

With ‘Trust Factor', CS:GO's matchmaking system will now take into account skill level, how much game time you have and how many times you've been reported for cheating or toxicity. There are other factors at play, but Valve won't be revealing the entire list as that would enable people to take advantage of the system.

One important factor will be how many other games you play in addition to CS:GO. Essentially, if you play a lot of other games, then you may be matched up with other ‘casual' CS:GO players, rather than veterans who dedicate larger chunks of their gaming time to Counter-Strike.

Trust Factor began rolling out yesterday, so you should start to see its effects fairly soon. As always, Valve will be monitoring community feedback and making changes where necessary,

KitGuru Says: There was a point in time where CS:GO was my main game but those days have since passed. Still, I'd be interested in jumping back in and seeing how this new matchmaking system changes things up. Do many of you still play CS:GO regularly? Have you had a chance to check out the new matchmaking system yet? 

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