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Datamine reveals Valve working on four games

Earlier this month to celebrate the launch of the Steam Deck, Valve released a game… well, sort of. Aperture Desk Job is a small, 30 minute title set in the Portal universe with mechanics that teach players how to use the Steam Deck controllers. The game itself isn't all that exciting, but the information contained in the game's files is, with references to four separate Valve games found. 

Long-time Valve reporter, Tyler McVicker, noted that Aperture Desk Job is a “goldmine” for datamining. Through the information gathered, we essentially know all about Citadel, an upcoming Half-Life spin-off game. The title is an RTS/FPS hybrid, with a player overlooking the map and controlling soldiers, each with their own set of weapons and abilities. Units can be grouped up into squads and controlled like an RTS, or the player can jump in and play as one of the soldiers in first-person.

Aside from the new details on Citadel, McVicker also found references to a Half-Life: Alyx follow-up, a Source 2 version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and a new Portal spin-off involving paint. That last project is something that has previously come up and still sounds a little like Splatoon meets Portal. The game was thought to have been cancelled but at some point over the last year or two, someone, or a group at Valve has picked it up again.

Citadel appears to be the next major project at Valve and has been in development prior to the release of Half-Life: Alyx. The game will be playable in VR and on a standard PC gaming setup with a keyboard and mouse or controller. Unfortunately, as with every Valve project, there is the possibility that this game never gets finished, let alone officially announced and released.

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KitGuru Says: Valve's productivity slowed down a bit over the pandemic with people working from home, but it seems that things picked up considerably in 2021. Hopefully Valve will have a new game to announce later this year. 

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