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Dauntless launches today with day-one cross-platform multiplayer on console and PC

There has been a lot of discussion around cross-platform multiplayer in games over the last couple of years. At this point, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are all on board with the idea, paving the way for today, with Dauntless launching as the first game with full cross-platform multiplayer.

Dauntless was announced back in 2016 and instantly drew comparisons to Monster Hunter. The free to play game was developed by Phoenix Labs and has been in beta testing on PC since May 2018. Now, it is available across PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with cross-platform multiplayer spreading across all three platforms. Cross-progression is also included, so any progress you make on one platform will carry over to the next.

Dauntless isn't quite as involved as Monster Hunter. You don't need to spend much time tracking different beasts down or foraging herbs to make potions. This creates a faster paced game that is more about jumping straight into the fight without all of the intricate details.

Dauntless is free to play, although on the PC you will need to download it through the Epic Games Store. On the console side, it is available for Xbox One and PS4 although a Nintendo Switch version will also be made available eventually.

KitGuru Says: If you played Dauntless during beta testing, it might be worth revisiting now as a bunch of mechanics were overhauled for today's launch. The campaign has also been updated.

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