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DayZ is finally hitting the ‘beta’ stage after four years in development

DayZ, the game that arguably kicked off the entire early access survival genre, is finally almost in beta. The standalone version of the Arma 2 mod originally began development over four years ago and has been in alpha ever since.

The beta update hasn’t landed just yet, but the change to beta will happen with update 0.63. The majority of the DayZ team is now working on this update, though we don’t have a time frame for release just yet.

Before getting to update 0.63 though, Bohemia needs to get through update 0.62, the final alpha update for the game. Unfortunately “only small team is working on 0.62 at the moment”, so it could take a while as most of the team is preparing for beta instead.

We don’t know exactly what changes will be introduced with the beta update but after four years in alpha, it’s nice to see DayZ finally hit its next milestone. Hopefully the beta stage goes a bit quicker.

KitGuru Says: With development taking so long, I’m not too surprised to see DayZ flooded with negative reviews on Steam. Hopefully the pace will start to pick up a bit once the beta update finally hits.

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