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Dead Rising 3 on PC will be locked to 30 frames per second

If you were looking forward to playing Dead Rising 3 on PC at a nice smooth 60 frames per second then you are going to be disappointed as Capcom has “optimised” the game for 30 frames per second and warns that unlocking the frame rate could break the game.

Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One was made to run at 30 frames per second but it looks like the developers have put in no effort to improve the experience for PC users with more powerful hardware. The news originally broke on NeoGAF, where a user posted a Twitch stream, linking to where the developers mention the 30 frames per second lock on PC.


The quote can be heard on this Twitch stream archive at around 11:30. During the stream the developer says: “‘when we started the PC project we knew we weren’t gonna be able to guarantee anything above 30 frames per second.”

The PC project started at the beginning of this year so not a whole lot of time has gone in to it, the dev admits that you can uncap the framerate but they haven’t tested it above 30 and won’t take any responsibility for your experience:

“what I’m saying is we’re not gonna stop you from uncapping the framerate, but we can’t guarantee the experience. we just really don’t know what’s gonna happen, you might see some weird stuff with physics, some weird stuff with zombies, I really don’t believe you’re losing anything by playing at 30 frames per second. If you want feel free to uncap it but it’s gonna be wild and crazy.”

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KitGuru Says: This is certainly disappointing news, I don’t understand why the developer wouldn’t want to take advantage of the more powerful PC hardware. The game might work fine above 30 frames per second but if it breaks the game, it doesn’t sound like the developers are going to bother fixing it. What do you guys make of this? Do you care? Is this going to make you re-think buying the game?

Source: NeoGAF

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  • Paul

    In my time floating around the internet and reading some peoples posts and the resulting arguments that arise over frame rates I feel the a lot of people will be displeased about the low frame rate lock and would still have been displeased if the lock had been at 60.
    That said I’ve seen many an argument that anything less than 60 hurts their eyes and I could go on (people seem to forget that movies are 24fps and look fine)

    All this suggests to me is that Capcom (like many others) are only interested in console players and one again the PC gets a poor port.

    But time will tell and once it’s released people will complain and people will praise and as such no publisher will be in the right.

  • Connor

    Its a shame to see Capcom limit us at 30fps, being a competitive FPS player as well as many RTS games, I do notice the difference between 30 – 60 and sometimes notice between 60 and 120 as well. I agree with Paul, I doubt they are interested in optimising the game for higher than 30 due to the console market.

  • James Brand

    Typical PC gamers get the shaft thanks to the PeasantBoxes weak hardware I was thinking of picking this up on PC but if this is Capcom’s attitude well they can shove their game up their ass.

  • AdmiralDonut

    Many ignorant gamers, and a few lying devs, use the term “cinematic experience” or “filmic quality” to try and put a positive spin on products that struggle to attain or maintain a framerate higher than 30FPS.

    They argue that movies, which are generally (though not always, see The Hobbit) filmed at 24FPS, look great. They then like to say that if 24FPS is good enough to make a movie look smooth, then 30FPS must surely be good enough to make a game look smooth.

    The idiots that use this kind of term seem to believe that not only are movies and games even remotely the same, but that the movie industry purposely chose 24FPS because it looks “smooth”, which is of course a fallacy.

    24FPS was chosen because at the time “talkies”, or movies with speech, were becoming the norm. The audio and video had to be synched, which apparently was a difficult task, and so a playback speed had to be set which the whole industry could agree on, and they chose 24FPS. That speed made the images appear to flow smoothly and made it easier to keep the audio in synch as well.

    The biggest issue with this “Cinematic Experience” garbage is of course that movies and games are not the same. A movie is a pre-rendered sequence of events, the direction of which the viewer has no control over other than to fast forward and rewind. With games, the environment is rendered in real time and the speed, camera angles and direction of game play can be altered at will by the player.

    24FPS is fine for movies, because nothing ever changes. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch it, everything will be exactly the same. With games, every single play through is different, even if some of those differences are minute.

    The variability inherent to games, and which is inherently lacking in movies, is the sole reason that FPS matters so very much, and to announce that what is good for the one is similarly good for the other is a sign that the person spouting that garbage is either purposely, meaningfully lying, or they are just plain ignorant.

  • I’ll give you guys one stab in the dark to guess what game I’m not buying.

  • Bill

    Please stop comparing movies to games in terms of FPS. Movies at 24 FPS use motion blur to give your brain hints it needs to fill in the gaps, NOT because your eyes can’t do any better. In games, motion blur is NOT a side effect of light that is captured by a camera sensor or film strip. It also adds latency, which is definitely not good for games.

    Source- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCWZ_kWTB9w

  • john lohnson

    lol pc stuck at 30 fps … when will pc realize they r overpowered? lmao… ps4lyfe

  • Dan D

    You just went full peasant. Never go full peasant.

  • dub

    Well, that made all the decision of whether I buy it or not.
    The reason we game on PC is for the options. Give us a game with no frame cap, and those of us with real gaming rigs can sap every little drop of performance. And just add a frame rate cap option in the menu for those with cheap rigs.

  • Anon eh moos

    Just another middle finger from software devs that they will always bring out a PC version of games now that PS4 & XBOX ONE use virtually same code, why wouldn’t they? Their just not gonna put any effort into the PORT! yes you read correctly PORT big difference in being a crappy port than PC exclusive. Don’t believe the hype all new games coming out on the BIG 3, lets see if GTA 5 truly does use the power of PC & wipe the floor with crappy consoles…. but i doubt it!