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Dead Space Remake is releasing in January 2023

Earlier this week, EA unveiled its upcoming release schedule, which included an unnamed remake coming in early 2023. As it turns out, that game was indeed Dead Space, which has now been confirmed to be releasing in January. Beyond that, EA Motive has also given us a new look at the game, with new videos showcasing the remake's improved graphics. 

Last night during a new development update stream, EA Motive confirmed that Dead Space Remake will be releasing on the 27th of January 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The development team has the alpha version of the game almost ready and has been making “great progress” this year, which is why the team decided it was time to announce the release date.

In the video above, the developers show their art and asset creation process, as well as some new before and after comparison shots, showcasing the remake up against the original.

Aside from a completely rebuilt USG Ishimura with new, high-quality assets, the Remake also employs modern lighting and shadow techniques to enhance the dark tone of the game and increase realism. New touches have also been put in place throughout the space station, including new light sources, environmental effects and additional set dressing to increase immersion. However, EA Motive has also noted that it is staying true to the original game's vision, so expect the Ishimura to feel new but familiar.

There are a few other developer update videos too, including videos focusing on sound design, character models, lighting and other visual refinements.

KitGuru Says: Dead Space Remake is looking excellent and I am really looking forward to diving back in all these years later. What do you all think of the remake? Will you be picking this up in January? 

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