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Deathloop is coming to Xbox Game Pass next week

Yesterday, Xbox users noticed that Deathloop was beginning to appear in advertisements on the console dashboard. Now just as predicted, Microsoft has announced that the former PS5 exclusive is now heading to Xbox consoles, and will be available on Xbox Game Pass starting next week. 

Deathloop was one of two games Sony obtained exclusivity rights for ahead of Microsoft's acquisition of Zenimax, Bethesda and all subsidiary studios. Microsoft honoured those contractual obligations, so while Microsoft did own Arkane and Bethesda at the time of Deathloop's release, it has only been available on PS5 consoles. The game has also been available on PC, but due to the agreement with Sony, the game could not be added to Game Pass.

Now, that exclusivity period has expired, and Microsoft is acting swiftly by bringing Deathloop to Xbox consoles and Game Pass for console and PC on the 20th of September. This launch will also bring about a new multiplatform update that will introduce a new weapon, new enemies, new upgrades, an extended version of the game's ending, and even cross-platform matchmaking for the game's multiplayer invasion system.

For those who don't know, Deathloop is more of an experimental game from Arkane Studios. It takes some inspiration from Dishonored, giving players a range of tools and special abilities to tackle enemies head on, or with a stealth-first approach. However, this is a roguelike, as implied by the title, but the concept works well with the overall story.

We wrote extensively about Deathloop following its release last year. Ultimately, it is a good game, but it wasn't marketed particularly well, leading to confusion and a lack of hype around the release despite generally positive reviews.

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KitGuru Says: With Deathloop coming to Xbox and Game Pass almost immediately after the PS5 exclusivity period ending, we can expect to see Ghostwire: Tokyo on Xbox consoles in March or April next year. 

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