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Destiny 2 surpasses 1.2 million concurrent players

After several months of hype building Bungie’s Destiny 2 launched in the middle of last week. Things seem to have been going very well so far too, as over the weekend more than 1.2 million guardians were logged in to Destiny playing at once.

With 1.2 million concurrent players, Destiny 2 is off to a great start. It is also worth remembering that this number was reached based on the console launch alone, later on in October Destiny 2 will also hit PC, which may bring another big boost.

For comparison’s sake, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds also surpassed 1 million concurrent players recently, surpassing PC gaming giants like Dota 2 and CS:GO. Destiny 2 won’t be launching on Steam, which means some Steam loyalists may not jump on board. However, Battle.net is still a solid and widely used platform, so that shouldn’t hinder the game too much.

KitGuru Says: 1.2 million concurrent players is a huge amount but we have yet to see whether or not Bungie will be able to keep everyone coming back for more with future content releases. Did any of you jump on to Destiny 2 last week during launch? I’m still trying to wait for the PC version myself. 


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    Cool games! Can my NOMU S30 mini download this interesting game?

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    Destiny 2 PC on preorder here, looking forward to it!