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Destiny 2 will get Xbox One X and PS4 Pro enhancements next month

Destiny 2 has been out on consoles since September, but with the new expansion coming out in less than a month's time, Bungie has taken the time to include some general improvements to the base game. In December's Destiny 2 update, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro owners will be getting enhancements to make better use of the additional power. Interestingly enough, it seems that the Xbox One X version will come out on top too.

Xbox One X support for Destiny 2 has been up in the air for a while due to Bungie's deal with Sony. Fortunately, it has now been confirmed. Not only will the Xbox One X get HDR support, but it will also get a boost to run at native 4K.

The PS4 Pro on the other hand is getting an ‘adaptive 4K' resolution, which was implemented during the Destiny 2 beta test on consoles. The PS4 Pro will also get HDR lighting support, which is currently only available on the PC version of the game.

These updates will roll out on the 5th of December alongside Destiny 2's first expansion, The Curse of Osiris. The expansion will set your guardian out on a new quest to find Osiris, who is fabled to be the most powerful Warlock in history.

KitGuru Says: PS4 Pro support isn't too surprising as it was present in the Destiny 2 beta. However, it is good to see that Bungie has chosen to support the Xbox One X. From the sounds of it, the game will even look slightly better with a native 4K resolution over an adaptive solution. 

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