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Destiny 3 will ‘have to wait a bit longer’ as Bungie continues work on seasonal Destiny 2 content

Around this time last year, there were some rumours floating around about the impending release of Destiny 3, with Bungie beginning work on the project prior to splitting up with Activision and going fully independent. Since then, Bungie has dialled back a bit, refocusing its major efforts on Destiny 2, which will be sticking around for at least another year based on recent statements.

Speaking with PCGamesN in a recent interview, Bungie’s David Dague confirmed the studio’s commitment to Destiny 2 in its current form, with seasonal content updates:

“Right now, out commitment and our attention is to make the seasons that will unfold over the course of the next year interesting and sustain a perennial story arc that will keep players engaged”.

Then referring to Destiny 3, he added that “we’ll have a lot of cool stuff to say on that later, but I’m afraid that moment will have to wait a little bit longer”.

Currently, Destiny 2 players are enjoying the Season of Dawn, which launched just recently with new missions, events and gear to collect up through until the 14th of January. There will be more seasons over the course of 2020 and at E3, we should find out if we’ll be getting another big expansion like Shadowkeep, or if Destiny 3 will be on the way in time for next-gen consoles.

KitGuru Says: We are only just getting used to a new content rollout schedule and business model with Destiny 2, so if Destiny 3 is coming in late 2020, I just hope they keep a lot of the structure, rather than scrapping and starting over again. Do you guys think its time for Destiny 3, or should Bungie continue focusing on Destiny 2 for 2020? 

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