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Diablo 4 early access unlock times revealed

Blizzard opened up pre-orders and announced bonuses for Diablo 4's deluxe and ultimate editions a while ago, but it seems there will be a bonus benefit. Those pre-ordering the higher-tier versions of the game will also get early access ahead of the game's official release date. 

If you pre-order the Diablo 4 Deluxe or Ultimate edition, you'll get access to the game on Tuesday the 2nd of June, while standard edition buyers will have to wait for the official release date on the 6th of June. Blizzard head, Mike Ybarra, shared the unlock times for different regions on Twitter:

Diablo 4 had a very successful closed and open beta, with millions downloading the game and hitting the beta level cap of 20. The full game will include the full campaign, additional world tiers and difficulty levels. The final release will also have some balance changes compared to the beta, so don't expect to get as powerful as quickly compared to the beta.

Diablo 4 officially releases on the 6th of June for PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

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KitGuru Says: I loved Diablo 3 but the Diablo 4 beta brings things up to a new level and it looks much better visually in my opinion, in large part thanks to a return to the gritty and darker style of Diablo 2. Are any of you planning on picking this up next month? 

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