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Diablo IV 2023 release and Necromancer class confirmed in gameplay showcase

During the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, Blizzard ended up on stage for a considerable amount of time. Not only did we get new announcements for Overwatch 2, but Rod Fergusson also took to the stage to give us a pretty deep look at Diablo IV in action. 

The new gameplay reveal for Diablo IV is only 5 minutes long, but it is packed with new information. Not only does the game and its darker style look great, but we now have confirmation that game will now have a full open world and new multiplayer elements. For instance, you can squad up with other players on the fly to take down massive world bosses, and in some zones on the map you can engage in open PvP. The best players in PvP will be marked as a champion on other player's maps, making them high value targets for other players.

The team is promising over 150 dungeons, a full campaign and a deep end-game with even more content for players to run through in search of unlocking more power. Overall, it looks like the next great Diablo game we were hoping for, which should restore some confidence following recent criticisms of Diablo Immortal. The game will also feature couch co-op on console, although the game will not be coming to last-gen systems, so this will be an Xbox Series X/S and PC title. If you play the game across both systems, cross-progression is in place so you can take your character with you and make progress from your desk, or in your living room.

Diablo IV does not have a release date yet, but it is scheduled in for 2023, so we should find out much more next year. So far, it looks like just five classes are planned for launch – Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, Necromancer and Rogue. This leaves the door open for additional classes to come later down the line, as Blizzard promises to support this game for ‘years to come'.

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KitGuru Says: While I'm not a fan of Diablo Immortal's microtransactions, the game did remind me that I love Diablo's gameplay and few other ARPGs can match it. Diablo 4 is looking great in my opinion, so I have high hopes for its release next year. What did you all think of the Diablo IV gameplay reveal? 

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