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DICE has rolled out its first Battlefront II credit earning changes

DICE has been very quiet since the launch of Star Wars Battlefront II. What would have been EA's biggest game of the year was left mired in controversy over the Star Card system, prompting microtransactions to be switched off while changes were made. The first of these changes has been made live today, with DICE addressing credit earn rates in the game.

In the build up to Battlefront II's planned tie-in content for Star Wars The Last Jedi, DICE has rolled out an update to make the “initial steps” towards much larger changes. This kicks off with bumping up credit earn rates across the board.

For starters, the end-of-round credits payout has increased, players of all skill levels should see an increase in credits at the end of each match. However, top-level players will see an even bigger increase, the exact numbers aren't revealed but those in the top spots on the leaderboards should see a notable bump in earnings.

Secondly, DICE has bumped up the Arcade Mode daily credit limit. Previously you could only earn 500 credits per day playing the Arcade Mode, now you can earn 1500 credits per day. Over time, the studio will be adding new  content to this mode to keep players interested. For now though, the near term solution is to try and win you over with additional credits.

Finally, Battlefront II's daily login crates will now provide more crafting parts than before, which should mean players can upgrade their Star Cards faster.

These are just the first steps. In the coming weeks and months DICE will be rolling out additional changes and eventually, we will likely see microtransactions switched back on. For now though, they will remain off.

KitGuru Says: These changes are pretty minimal but we should see larger changes further down the line. Have any of you been playing Battlefront II at all, or are you avoiding it entirely due to the Star Card controversy?

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