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Dota 2 Crownfall adds Street Fighter inspired fighting game mode

Dota 2's massive ongoing event, Crownfall, as entered Act 3 this month. We've known that Valve has more surprises in store Crownfall but the studio caught us all off guard when it debuted a Street Fighter inspired fighting mode for the game. 

In Dota 2 Crownfall, players can now participate in a new mode titled ‘Sleet Fighter', which plays exactly how you would expect, You can select a fighter from a small roster of Dota 2 characters and then brawl it out with classic fighting moves and combos.

Obviously, Valve hasn't made a full game here. The Sleet Fighter roster is small, containing just a handful of characters and is really more of a demo. However, each character does have its own move set and a list of alternate skins you can use, so it falls closer to polished demo territory, rather than being a barebones prototype.

Interestingly, Riot is also looking to get into the fighting game market with its own game, 2KXO, which is due to release in 2025. This is a full 2D fighting game featuring characters from Dota's biggest rival, League of Legends.

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