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Dying Light 2: Stay Human gets new gameplay and release date

Yesterday, Techland held a pre-E3 reveal stream for Dying Light 2 and sure enough, we got plenty of new details about the game, as well as a release date and new gameplay footage. 

The release date that leaked yesterday for Dying Light 2: Stay Human turned out to be accurate. The game is currently scheduled to release on the 7th of December this year, just slipping in to its previously announced 2021 launch window.

In the gameplay video above, we can see the game in action. Throughout Dying Light 2, players will be tasked with protecting humanity's last stronghold. To get around, you'll be parkouring across buildings and when the situation calls for it, you'll be engaging in “tactical” combat.

Just like in the original Dying Light, you'll face weaker enemies during daylight and stronger enemies at night. If you're brave enough to go exploring during the night cycle and survive, you'll be rewarded with better loot drops. As promised during the 2018 demo for the game, players will also have to make tough choices between factions, which will have an impact on the game and world moving forward.

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KitGuru Says: Dying Light 2 is starting to take shape. Will you be grabbing this when it comes out in December? 

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