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EA Access is finally heading to PS4 this year

Long before Xbox Game Pass became a thing, EA began testing the waters of gaming subscriptions with EA Access. The service granted people access to a growing vault of older games alongside early access and 10-hour trials to brand new titles. The service has been successful on Xbox One and eventually spread to PC, but for one reason or another, Sony wasn't interested in getting it on PS4. That has now finally changed, with EA Access set to arrive on PS4 this year.

When EA Access was announced in 2014, Sony actually said that the service was poor value for customers. At this point though, the $4.99 per month subscription grants access to a ton of good games, with newer titles typically being added to it 6-months to a year after launch. It is hard to deny that EA Access is pretty good for the money, particularly if you are a patient gamer that doesn't pick up new titles as soon as they release.

EA Access will be arriving on PS4 in July for $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year. In the UK, that will work out to £3.99 per month or £19.99 per year. The service is also available on Xbox One and PC for the same price, with the same vault of games, including EA Sports titles, Battlefield, Titanfall, Star Wars Battlefront and more.

Do note that Origin Access Premiere, the subscription tier that grants access to brand new games like Anthem on day-one, is not available on console and will remain PC exclusive for the time being.

KitGuru Says: I've made good use of EA Access over the years, often taking the time to play a few hours of new games before deciding whether or not to purchase. Have any of you used EA/Origin Access over the years? 

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