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EA begins hiring for what sounds like a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel

While there has been plenty of well-deserved criticism over EA's handling of the Star Wars license over the years, the publisher began its path to redemption last month with the release of Respawn's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The game has been a success so far and from the sounds of it, we can expect a sequel. 

This week, Respawn's ‘Star Wars Team' put up three job listings seeking a Senior Character Artist, Level Designer and Senior Software Engineer for a new “third-person action/adventure game”. This doesn't outright announce Jedi Fallen Order 2, but it is a very strong indication that it is on the way and entering early development.

EA currently holds the Star Wars license for another four years and plans at least one more non-Battlefront game within the next few years. Given the new job listings, it looks like Respawn will be returning once again.

With the way that Jedi Fallen Order ends, there is room for further adventures, so a sequel does make sense. Alternatively, perhaps Respawn can take that expertly crafted Jedi combat system and apply it to a whole new adventure set in the Star Wars universe, although I don't think we'll have seen the last of Cal Kestis just yet.

KitGuru Says: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was excellent to play through, although the first couple of hours did start a bit slow in my opinion. I'd be happy with a sequel, I just hope that EA allows Respawn to continue using Unreal Engine 4, rather than trying to port all of those gameplay systems over to Frostbyte. Have many of you finished Fallen Order yet? Would you like to see a sequel? 

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