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EA Canada appears to be working on an open world Star Wars game

EA Canada is currently looking for an art director to join the development team behind an open world Star Wars game for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, a job listing has revealed. If you were worried, it's not just EA Canada searching. Visceral Games, the studio behind Dead Space is also on the hunt, Visceral is in search of an Executive Producer for its Star Wars project.

We could be looking at a collaboration between the two studios here but at the same time, this might also just be EA trying to milk the franchise for all its worth. So far EA has four studios in on Star Wars games, Bioware is still running the Old Republic MMO, DICE is in charge of Battlefront 3, we knew Visceral Games was working on one and now EA Canada might be creating another.

It's a shame EA didn't want to revive Star Wars 1313, that game had so much potential.

While we're on the topic of Star Wars games that should be revived, EA owns Bioware- where's our Knights of the Old Republic 3 announcement? I wouldn't mind going on another trip across the galaxy in search of the star maps.

Kitguru Says: Many fans probably didn't want to see Star Wars handed over to EA but they do own some good studios, DICE  working on Battlefront 3 is a match made in heaven. That's one thing EA's done right so far, now if only it'll come to its senses and put Bioware on a KOTOR 3. Seriously, just make the game. Are there any Star Wars games you guys would like to see come out?

Source: Kotaku

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