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AMD Vision A10-6790K APU Review

Rating: 8.5.

Today we are going to take a look at the latest product in AMD's APU line-up, the Vision A10-6790K.  This is positioned just below the A10-6800K that we looked at a few months back and offers users almost as much power for slightly less money.  We were impressed with the A10-6800K when we looked at it back in June, and we look forward to seeing if this new model is as competitive.

AMD's line of APUs are pretty competitive at the low end of the market.  In this particular review, we are going to compare the A10-6790K with one of Intel's least powerful Core-i5 desktop chips, the i5-4430.

The fact that the A10-6790K is one of the most powerful models in AMD's APU lineup shows how this range compares against Intel's line-up.

While AMD hasn't been able to compete with Intel at the top end of the market for a good few years now, this particular APU has a number of distinct advantages over Intel's.  One of the most significant advantages is represented by the ‘K' suffix at the end of the A10-6790K's name.  This denotes that this APU is completely unlocked, giving us a wide range of overclocking options.


Also, the AMD Radeon integrated graphics are widely regarded as superior to Intel's integrated graphics.  This is great for those users who don't want to invest in a discrete graphics card but want to enjoy some of the benefits.

In this review we will be focusing on the performance of the AMD A10-6790K compared to the Intel Core i5-4430.

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  1. Great price for what you get. ideal for a media center, which I have been meaning to build all year, but never got around to it 🙁

  2. Wouldn’t an i3 have been a more appropriate comparison?

  3. Nice Finally somebody tested a richland APU with 2.1 ghz memory! Cudos to the review team. I personally use 2.4 memory and it’s even better like that – you should have used 2.4 memory for the oc… the gpu part in this is really memory starved and I’ve seen huge increases.

    @Steve why is not appropriate to compare it to the i5 – it offers similar day2day performance even if it’s lagging in pure cpu the more then capable gpu makes up for it + its way cheaper 120$ for AMD vs 180$ Intel(newegg) and this chip would eat an i3 4340 for instance alive… even if intel is selling the i3 for 160$ – well I guess it’s not illegal to be dumb or a fan now is it…