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EA CEO says Codemasters will ‘retain its identity’ just like Respawn

EA hasn't had the best history when it comes to acquiring new studios, with multiple talented teams having been shut down over the years. Things are starting to change though, with EA's acquisition of Respawn being a success so far. With Codemasters now under the EA umbrella too, the publisher wants to ensure the studio maintains its identity.

Codemasters was acquired by EA last year, after swooping in and outbidding Take-Two with a $1.2 billion offer. Codemasters is known for its series of racing games and from the sounds of it, the studio will be free to operate as normal without too much interference from executives.

During an interview with MCV, EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, likened the Codemasters situation to EA's acquisition of Respawn, saying:

“Similar to Respawn, our orientation isn't to come in and take over Codemasters, our orientation isn't to come in and turn Codemasters into another Electronic Arts studio, our orientation is around the provision of opportunity. This industry is all about amazing, creative talent. And we see little upside in the indoctrination of that amazing creative talent. But we do want to provide them access to the things that we get by virtue of our position in the industry.”

KitGuru Says: Given these comments, it would seem that EA has learned something from the closure of Visceral Games. Hopefully studios like Respawn and Codemasters will continue to be given creative freedom moving forward.

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