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EA is adding more servers to Star Wars Battlefront PC

The Star Wars Battlefront open beta kicked off yesterday and swarms of players have rushed to try it out, so much so that EA and DICE need to round up a few more servers to support the load. According to the Battlefront Beta support page, new servers are currently being implemented for the game, which means more players should have a smooth experience, free of connectivity issues.

Due to the way the matchmaking system works, when you hit play on Star Wars Battlefront, you will either find a game, or you won't, the player has no control in that area, so some found themselves unable to get in to matches last night.


The good thing is, this is a beta test, which is used to point out the problems prior to the final launch. Now that EA and DICE have a bigger expectation for the amount of players looking to get in to Battlefront, the official game launch should hopefully go a bit smoother, with less matchmaking and server finding issues.

The open beta currently has two maps you can play on, you can either do the Walker Assault mission, which is set on Hoth, or you can do the Tatooine Drop Zone mission. There isn't a ton of variety available right now but from my own personal experience, the game seems to run well on the PC and it has captured the Star Wars atmosphere brilliantly, though I do have some concerns as to how long it will remain fun.

KitGuru Says: Battlefront is fun enough right now, though it does lack variety. Hopefully this can be solved by the final release but I do worry that in a year's time, people won't be as interested anymore and those left will find it increasingly difficult to find a match. We've seen this happen to both Titanfall and Evolve in the last year, which is why I will always prefer games that support community run servers. Have any of you tried Battlefront yet? What do you think so far? 

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