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Elden Ring launches to ‘mixed’ reviews on Steam as players encounter issues

Elden Ring fans were excited to get hold of the game today following glowing reviews from press outlets earlier this week. Unfortunately, it looks like the game's technical problems are worse than we were led to believe leading up to release. 

Elden Ring has launched to ‘mixed' overall reviews on Steam, which is odd for a game that scored a 95 overall on Metacritic based on almost 50 pre-release reviews. As it turns out, even with the day-one patch, the PC version of the game suffers from stuttering and other visual issues like flickering. Steam users also report crashes and lower than expected performance on a range of graphics cards.

We are currently in the midst of conducting our own analysis of the PC version and have observed some pretty bad flickering already, as you can see HERE.

The situation doesn't seem to be much better on consoles either, particularly on next-gen hardware. According to early testing conducted by Digital Foundry, the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions of Elden Ring run with an unlocked frame rate, leading to uneven frame pacing and choppy gameplay that rarely sticks to the 60FPS target. Although there are some workarounds, such as running the PS4 version on a PS5 instead, which runs the game at a lower resolution and paves the way for higher frame rates.

We are currently conducting our own in-depth analysis of Elden Ring, so stay tuned for benchmarks and more thoughts on the PC version in the coming days.

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KitGuru Says: Have any of you jumped into Elden Ring yet today? Has the game been running smoothly for you, or have you run into issues? 

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