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Fallout 76 Collector’s Edition canvas bags are finally being delivered

Gameplay issues and poor critical reception aside, Fallout 76 caused headaches for Bethesda at launch in other areas. The hardcore fans that shelled out for the game’s collector’s edition were promised quality looking canvas bags as part of the package but what they ended up with was something that looked more like a bin liner. After plenty of back and forth, Bethesda promised to make things right and now, many months later, the studio has finally delivered.

It has been seven months since the initial controversy, so here is a quick refresher. Fallout 76 ‘Power Armour Edition’ launched at £179.99 and promised a “west-tek canvas duffle bag” as part of the package. Once the collector’s edition came out, customers were swift to point out that the nylon bag they received was not even close to what was initially advertised. A Bethesda support rep said that the canvas bags were too expensive to produce, so an alternative was produced instead. Then, Bethesda offered a paltry 500 Atoms to customers to make up for the change. The situation didn’t end there though, because it turns out that Bethesda did actually make higher quality bags, but they were handed out to streamers and ‘influencers’ for free instead of paying customers.

Once all of that came to light, Bethesda did the right thing and promised to deliver what was originally advertised. The replacement canvas bags went into production in December 2018 and as Eurogamer points out, Collector’s Edition customers are now finally starting to receive them.

The bag does indeed appear to be higher quality than what was initially sent out, so this controversy can finally come to an end.

KitGuru Says: I think Bethesda can still turn things around for Fallout 76. This is a good first step, now the team just needs to deliver with the upcoming expansion, which will bring human NPCs to the game for the first time and hopefully give it more of a ‘traditional’ Fallout vibe.

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