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Fallout 76 is getting a Brotherhood of Steel expansion

Fallout 76 finally got its second chance earlier this year with the launch of the Wastelanders update, bringing a new main story, dialogue options and more to the game. Now, the next major update will be bringing the Brotherhood of Steel to Appalachia. 

Fallout 76: Steel Dawn is due to release later this year and has been announced with a new teaser trailer:

Steel Dawn is just the first chapter in a new questline following the Brotherhood of Steel. We'll be seeing Paladin Leila Rahmani looking to recruit in Appalachia. Players will work with or against other factions to achieve success and we'll get to visit new populated settlements, and unlock new gear along the way.

Currently, Steel Dawn is slated to arrive in December, but that date could slip. After all, the Wastelanders update went through its share of delays.

KitGuru Says: If you're a Brotherhood of Steel fan, then you may well want to check out the new expansion when it arrives. Did any of you return to Fallout 76 after Wastelanders? Will you be jumping back in for the next story expansion? 

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