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Far Cry 5 GoldenEye 007 fan remake taken down

A few weeks ago, we learned that a Far Cry map maker had managed to completely recreate Rare's classic shooter, GoldenEye 007, within Far Cry 5's level editor. The project quickly garnered popularity but unfortunately, Ubisoft was forced to take the maps down after a DMCA notice from James Bond license holder, MGM. 

The modder, who goes by ‘Krollywood' online, spent three years creating the maps, which included all the main levels from GoldenEye 007, excluding the two bonus levels. Far Cry 5's map editor was used for the project due to the amount of assets available, including assets from other Ubisoft titles like Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs.

Unfortunately, once the project went viral, it caught the attention of MGM, the owners of the James Bond license. After a DMCA request, Krollywood was informed that the maps have been removed from the Far Cry Arcade, so they are no longer downloadable or publicly available. The creator does still have the files on their own PlayStation console, but they can no longer be shared due to legal issues.

Ubisoft confirmed the map removals in a statement, saying: ” In following the guidelines within the ‘Terms of Use', there were maps created within Far Cry 5 arcade that have been removed due to copyright infringement claims from a right holder received by Ubisoft and are currently unavailable. We respect the intellectual property rights of others and expect our users to do the same.”

KitGuru Says: All of the YouTube videos showcasing the maps are still live, so there are still remnants of this project floating around, its just a shame that nobody will be able to download the maps and play them first-hand now. 

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