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Final Fantasy Tactics Remastered is on the way

Square Enix producers have been teasing a return to Final Fantasy Tactics for quite some time now but so far, nothing has been officially announced. That may change quite soon, with Jason Schreier reporting that the remaster is on the way. 

Jason Schreier, formerly of Kotaku and more recently of Bloomberg, has a very good track record when it comes to reporting on game development and has written multiple books going over cancellations, studio closures and the various struggles that go into getting games made. Recently, Schreier chimed in on a Reddit thread discussing the credibility of a leaker known as ‘Midori', who outed themselves as an imposter over the weekend to say that Midori did get at least one thing right – Final Fantasy Tactics is returning.

In short, “Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster is real and happening”. We have no idea why the release is taking so long, as Square Enix seemingly had plans for this remaster as far back as 2021, when a master list of GeForce Now files leaked online, revealing hundreds of unannounced games well ahead of time. Over the past couple of years, many of the games shown in that leak have gone on to be announced.

Final Fantasy Tactics did appear in this leak, but so far, Square Enix has not officially announced anything. However, last year, a Square Enix producer did hint at it and earlier this year, another Square producer said it is “probably about time” for a Tactics remaster. With that in mind, it seems that an announcement could be coming in 2024, perhaps at the next Nintendo Direct, which is just around the corner.

KitGuru Says: Would you pick up a remastered version of Final Fantasy Tactics? As someone who missed out the first time around, I would love to see it, especially running on handhelds like the Switch or Steam Deck. 

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