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Final Fantasy XIV’s next update will trim the fat for initial ‘A Realm Reborn’ campaign

Final Fantasy XIV has been excellent for many years now and the player base has continued to grow with each expansion. However, getting into a long-running MMO and catching up to current content is still a daunting task that can put some potential players off, so Square Enix is hoping to address that by streamlining the base game. 

When you first jump into Final Fantasy XIV, you need to make your way through the original ‘A Realm Reborn' scenario before getting through to newer content. Getting through those first 50 levels can be quite the grind though, so the next major update for the game will overhaul this.

Originally, the development team announced plans to do this in August 2019 but the process has taken longer, and the recent shake-ups due to COVID-19 will also have an impact on when this update comes out.

The overhaul will essentially trim the fat in the initial campaign, streamlining quests and cutting less important ones out entirely. Experience and gear rewards will be boosted when playing A Realm Reborn content and flying mounts can also be used in those older zones, so you should be able to traverse from mission to mission much quicker.

Final Fantasy XIV Update 5.3 will also include some new content, continuing the story for Shadowbringers and adding in new dungeons, raids and more. The update should release in June but it could end up slipping into July.

KitGuru Says: I've never managed to get myself through the initial campaign despite several attempts. Hopefully after this new update, that initial level 1-50 grind will go by much faster, giving new and returning players a quicker path to the highly praised expansions. Have many of you played Final Fantasy XIV? What do you think of the planned ‘streamlining' for A Realm Reborn?

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