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Microsoft attempts to drum up hype for Bleeding Edge with odd ‘Fan Accolades’ trailer

At one point or another, every major games publisher has a marketing blunder. This current console generation began with poor marketing from Xbox and it would seem that the team still has some silly ideas floating around, as shown by the marketing for Bleeding Edge. 

Ninja Theory is no doubt one of the best studios that Microsoft has teamed up with. However, their latest game, Bleeding Edge, did not exactly launch to a warm critical reception, with a Metacritic score of just 67 and a user score of 6.3. Since there wasn't enough positivity floating around, Microsoft decided to pull quotes from random Discord and Twitter users for a ‘Fan Accolades' trailer.

Rather than quotes from known sources or content creators, Microsoft's latest trailer turns to whatever nice quotes they could scrounge up on social media. Of course, there is nothing wrong with engaging with the community, after all, many of us will check Steam User Reviews or other forums to see what regular gamers think of a particular game. However, given the low player count, poor critical reception and lack of general hype around Bleeding Edge, this trailer does seem a little odd.

Currently, Bleeding Edge is out on PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass, as well as Xbox One. It is usually a £20 game, but Game Pass subscribers don't have to pay any extra.

KitGuru Says: I enjoyed a few matches of Bleeding Edge while it was in alpha and beta. It isn't a bad game by any means, but it also isn't the next big hero shooter. Valorant going into closed beta at a similar time likely hasn't helped the situation either. What do you all think of Bleeding Edge? Are ‘Fan Accolade' trailers a legitimate marketing tool that publishers should be using? 


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