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First images of Bethesda’s Starfield may have leaked

It has been over two years since Bethesda announced Starfield and since then, very little information has come out. So far, we know that it is a Sci-Fi RPG and it is scheduled to release before The Elder Scrolls VI. More specific details might not be too far away though, as the project seemingly had its first leak over the weekend. 

A trio of images were posted on Imgur over the weekend, one being an in-game screenshot of Starfield, while the other two are concept art and UI elements.

These images made the rounds on forums and the general consensus seems to be that these are indeed real. The in-game screenshot of a lone astronaut seems to have the Starfield logo on their suit.

If we really dig in, then the UI seems to show that players will need to keep an eye on their Oxygen and other elements for survival. There also appears to be a gravity reader on the UI.

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KitGuru Says: Nothing is confirmed yet, so these images should be taken with a grain of salt. It does all seem to fit in with what we expect from Starfield though. Hopefully at some point in the next year, we'll get a more official look at the game in action. 

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