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Grand Theft Auto V PC shows up on Amazon

There has been no shortage of Grand Theft Auto V rumours when it comes to its PC release but as time goes on, the rumours become increasingly believable and with the likes of Amazon already listing the pre-order pages on some of its European sites, it seems an announcement could be coming our way soon.

Obviously there were a couple of fake retail listings last year during the hype storm but since then things have settled a bit, this one is also directly from Amazon too which does have a history of leaking games before announcement.

GTA V Amazon Germany
Grand Theft Auto V Amazon

The print screen was taken from an Amazon.de listing, which at the time of writing, is still up, other sites have reported that this was also listed on Amazon.fr but that one is gone. UK retailer, Game Holds, also has a listing with a 31st of March release date but unfortunately the picture on the listing has a game for windows live banner, which we know has been shut down, so this listing has probably been made for the attention.

PC Gamer posted a GTA V bug log which contained many references to Direct X 11 smog mingling with bloom effects and both 64-bit and 32-bit builds in .exe format. Considering these are all PC version references, its safe to assume that the PC version exists and most leaks are pointing to a March release.

KitGuru Says: I tried to get in touch with Amazon to get a shipping date for the German listing but I couldn't talk it out of them but hopefully an official announcement is coming soon. If Rockstar leaves PC gamers in the dark for much longer it runs the risk of losing the hype train.

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