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Halo Infinite is getting Last Spartan Standing and other new modes in Season 2

We're less than two weeks away from the launch of Halo's next season, which should be shorter and more content-packed compared to the extended first season. Today, 343 dropped a trailer showing off the new modes coming to Infinite with this update, including Last Spartan Standing.

Season 2, Lone Wolves, begins on the 3rd of May, promising big updates for both campaign and multiplayer in Halo Infinite. On the campaign side, sometime this season we should finally be getting co-op gameplay. On the multiplayer side, the new season will be launching with new game modes, and returning modes that have appeared in previous Halo titles.

King of the Hill and Last Spartan Standing will both be available on day-one of the new season. In King of the Hill, teams will have to fight over a neutral zone that changes position throughout the game – whichever team captures the zone for the longest period will win. Meanwhile, Last Spartan Standing is a new Big Team Battle mode, pitting 12 players in a free for all battle on a large map.

Other modes, like Land Grab and Elimination will be added to the playlist later in the season. While 343 has yet to announce Halo Infinite's Battle Royale mode, leaks indicate that Certain Affinity is currently playtesting the mode with plans to ship it as part of the main game later this year.

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KitGuru Says: I think Season 2 will go a lot smoother compared to season 1, especially if 343 can avoid extending the season at all so we can keep moving on to new content at a quicker pace. Will any of you be jumping back into Infinite for the new season? 

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