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Halo Master Chief Collection and Halo 5 beta announced

Microsoft didn’t just announce the Halo 2 Anniversary Edition at its E3 press conference this evening, the company actually announced that it will be releasing the entire Master Chief collection on one disc with all of the multiplayer modes intact later this year. The collection spans across Halo 1-4.

This is unfortunately an Xbox One exclusive, which kind of goes against what Microsoft has been saying more recently in an effort to get in the good books of PC gamers. However, for those of you that do own the latest console, then this looks like a good buy.


The collection will launch on the tenth of November and will include exclusive beta access to the Halo 5 multiplayer. The games will feature over 100 maps including six fan favourites remade for the Xbox One, the games will also run at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

Another extra to be included with the game collection is the Halo Nightfall live action TV series. In all, Microsoft’s E3 presentation went pretty well, there was way less mention of TV features and DRM, which left plenty of room for Phil Spencer to talk about the games. It’s just a shame that so many of them are Xbox exclusives rather than Microsoft exclusives, which would include the PC too.

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KitGuru Says: As I was watching the Halo announcement live, I kept hoping for a PC announcement, unfortunately Microsoft still wants to sell Xbox’s and in order to do that- it has to neglect its other successful platform quite a bit. Did any of you guys watch Microsoft’s presentation? What did you guys think? 

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  • phik

    Idiotic, i would have brought it

  • Lukey

    Supposedly, Jeff Berstmann (think thats his name) went on E3 and did a game demo of Halo 2 Anniversary on Monday. Apparently, he said that before his controller connected on the main menu for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it said ‘Move Mouse to Continue’ or something along those lines. I cant link the YouTube video as im at work, but if you type in Jeff Berstmann Halo there’s a video that is under a minute long and is an audio video only. He states in it what ive said above, with fellow members of his team talking about the day of game reveals. Give it a look, he’s quite a respected Halo journalist, so this seems fairly legit, but its quite interesting aswell if you watch the Halo conference at E3, they do not state that it is an Xbox One Exclusive. They say console exclusive, not Xbox, and the only point it saids ‘Xbox One Only’ is when the Halo 5 Beta trailer plays at the end (which would make sense as Halo 5 is a big selling point for Xbox One’s). Just found all this interesting. It’s not impossible for Halo: TMCC to be on PC, but would they do it?

  • Nickle

    @Lukey, the reason that it says “move mouse to continue” is because all and if not all then the vast majority of microsoft presentations at E3 are conducted on computers and not the console systems.
    Console exclusive is also “Xbox One Exclusive” as Halo will never see Sony or Nintendo Console systems and I think it would be foolish to consider other possibilities.
    It is possible, but they will release where they think they can make the most money. Fact is, people already own PC’s. Everyone that wants to play new and remastered Halo, doesn’t already own an Xbox One. Therefore, how can we sell new Xbox One systems? Simples.

  • kmo91120

    so the pc get screwed by a xb one. ha! a frying pan ? EHEEE!!!. arghhhhh. n64 was fun and RARE LOL.
    if they want a low res 900p you can just run a s3 virge dx 375 version of doom 1 or gf mx series 4 th version.
    when i we want to play a game s we play it it 1k-4k (11k) soon. and to use a ssd drive with 1 tb to run games we will run it on pc s only. cheating is fun when you get trough lewels connsole trow their… in the wall.