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Halo MCC PC update gives details on next test, ultrawide support and bugs

The folks at 343 Industries are still working away on the PC version of the Master Chief Collection. The latest developer update gives us a quick look at what the game looks like running on an ultrawide monitor and a breakdown of some of the bugs the team is currently trying to tackle. We also get an update on the next two planned public test phases for Reach, which will take place over the coming months.

The first PC public test, or flight as 343 likes to call it, centred on the single-player campaign. The next test will give players a chance to try out Firefight, giving the developers an opportunity to crack down on any lingering issues. Then the third test will focus on regular multiplayer matchmaking. We don’t have specific dates for these just yet but it is nice to know that a plan is in place.

In the meantime, if you want to take a look at Halo Reach running on an ultrawide monitor, then you will find two screenshots below:


One configuration has the HUD centred in the middle of the screen, but with extra FOV extending out to the sides. The second spreads HUD elements out to the corners. The goal is to make both options available to players, so if you prefer to have your mini map and health closer to your eyes, then you have that option, but you can also push those elements out to appreciate more of the scenery.

The blog post also shares videos of six of the current interesting, or hilarious bugs currently being worked on. The first is a checkpoint that causes an infinite death loop, while another has an invisible wall blocking a rocket launcher shot. There are a few others but those two are the highlights and obviously won’t be around when the game ships.

That is all we have for now unfortunately. Hopefully we get more news during the August developer update later this month. For now, if you want to read the whole post, you can find it HERE– do note that an archive link is being used for now as Halo Waypoint is currently down at the time of publishing.

KitGuru Says: We might not have all of the specific details we’ve been waiting for just yet, but at least 343 is continuing to be open about the development process. Hopefully after a few more months, we’ll finally know when we can jump in and start playing. 

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