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Here is what the Elder Scrolls Online’s new store will let you buy

You have probably heard by now that Zenimax Online is taking The Elder Scrolls Online in a new direction by dropping the monthly subscription requirement and adding in a micro-transaction ‘crown store' to the game. Now some details have come out, letting us know what we will be able to buy in-game with real money.

The crown store will sell health, magic and stamina potions, although they will not be as effective as player crafted potions. Additionally, you will be able to buy small XP boosts, much like in Star Wars The Old Republic. These things will be bought using Crowns, which are paid for with real money.


Those who continue to subscribe to The Elder Scrolls Online after the subscription requirement is removed, will receive 1500 Crowns a month to spend in the store. The new subscription will be called ‘ESO Plus' and will also grant you with all available DLC in the game, sort of like DC Universe.

Costumes and skins will also be available from the Crown store. In all, it isn't much different from the stores found in DC Universe Online or Star Wars The Old Republic. Subscribing will come with its benefits but for the most part, you will be able to get by just fine without paying any more money.

The Elder Scrolls Online will drop its subscription requirement for the PC and Mac next month. The game will also finally be coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in June.

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KitGuru Says: Many were waiting for The Elder Scrolls Online to drop its subscription requirement to jump back in. The Crown store doesn't seem too bad but the introduction of micro transactions may put some off. What do you guys think of the new direction ESO is taking?

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